About SNiC3

I was enduring NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS one night after the new year, thinking about these terrible kind of paint-by-numbers movies, thinking about the kinds of experiences I have had at the theatre, and I started to wonder, what if I just started randomly going to movies? Would I have a better or worse experience than if I tried to pick the ones that looked good (or the right kind of bad)?

I remembered that one of the MST3K performers, Kevin Murphy, wrote a good book called “A Year At The Movies” in which he described, week by week, his experiences of seeing a film on the big screen somewhere in the world every day for a year. It was a cool idea, but not quite what I was looking for, because Kevin was still able to choose from a wide range of movies, he traveled to festivals and Cannes and so on.

What I decided to do is go to the same theatre, on the same night at approximately the same time, every week for a year, and watch whatever they have going. Hopefully there won’t be another Titanic kind of movie that plays there for 8 straight weeks.

Anyway, thanks for visiting the site and I hope you enjoy it. Check in every Monday for a new review from Cinema 3.


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