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Week 30: Get Smarter

It’s another rerun in Cinema 3 this week, but as reruns go, I would gladly see Get Smart again. I don’t think it is possible to get tired of looking at Anne Hatheway or watching The Rock drive staples into … Continue reading

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Week 29: Get Smart

MPAA#: 44068 Showtime: 9:35 Ticket price: 10.99 Seat: Lower right Shotgun: none Attendance: about 40 Weather: Clear, warm Food: Frozen yogurt, Coke Expectations: none Met?: Exceeded Pre-show ads: Toyota, McDonald’s, Vitao Trailers: Hellboy II – I saw this earlier today … Continue reading

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Week 28: Kung Fu Panda

MPAA#: 44302 Showtime: 9:10 Ticket price: 10.99 Seat: Front right Shotgun: Mare Attendance: about 20 Weather: Clear, warm Food: Reese bites, Coke Expectations: High Met?: Yes Pre-show ads: unknown (arrived late) Trailers: Madagascar 2 Review: It’s hard for me to … Continue reading

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Week 27: Indiana Jones Episode I

MPAA#: 44295 Showtime: 9:25 Ticket price: 10.99 Seat: center middle Shotgun: Mare Attendance: 5, including us; 2 left halfway through the movie Weather: Warm, foggy Food: Frozen yogurt, M&Ms, Coke Expectations: none Met?: no Pre-show ads: Mazda, Vitao, Telus Trailers: … Continue reading

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