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Week 21: What Happens in Vegas

Title: What Happens in Vegas MPAA#: 44208 Showtime: 9:30 Ticket price: 10.99 Seat: Front left Shotgun: none Attendance: about 25 Weather: warming Food: Dr. Pepper, Reese Bites Expectations: so very low Met?: yes Pre-show ads: Coke Zero, Toyota, Telus (twice) … Continue reading

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Week 20: Iron Man

Title: Iron Man MPAA#: 44328 Showtime: 9:55 Ticket price: 10.99 Seat: Center-right Shotgun: Mare, Lisa F., Jay M., Lisa M. Attendance: Approximately 60 Weather: Clear, moderate Food: Pretzel dog, Reese Bites, Coke from concession ($13) Expectations: N/A Met?: Pre-show ads: … Continue reading

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Week 19: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall MPAA#: 44109 Showtime: 9:20 Shotgun: Mare Seat: Rear left Weather: cool Food: Indiana Jones combo from concession ($15) Expectations: high Met?: yes Preshow ads: Coke Zero, Toyota, Telus Trailers: What Happens in Vegas, Get Smart, The Incredible … Continue reading

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Week 18: Deception

Title: Deception MPAA#: 43789 Showtime: 9:25 Ticket price: 10.99 Seat: rear right Shotgun: none Attendance: 10 Weather: warm Food: Dr. Pepper and Reese Bites Expectations: moderate Met?: exceeded Pre-show ads: the new month of Empire in-house promos is more annoying … Continue reading

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