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Week 39: Ghost Town

MPAA#: 44426 Showtime: 9:30 Ticket price: 10.99 Seat: center Shotgun: Anthony, Nicole Attendance: 7, including us Weather: hurricane Kyle Food: Dr. Pepper, chocolate covered raisins Expectations: low Met?: yes Pre-show ads: Telus Trailers: Flash of Genius, How to Lose Friends … Continue reading

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Week 38: Tropic Thunder

MPAA#: 44367 Showtime: 9:30 Ticket price: 10.99 Seat: lower right Shotgun: none Attendance: about 12 Weather: cool Food: Coke, pretzel dog, chocolate covered raisins Expectations: moderate Met?: exceeded Pre-show ads: Telus Trailers: Ghost Town, Eagle Eye Review: It’s ironic that … Continue reading

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Week 37: Death Race

MPAA #: 44430 Showtime: 9:25 Admission: $10.99 Shotgun: none Seat: Lower right Weather: light rain Food: Dr. Pepper, Peanut Butter M&Ms Expectations: low Met?: yes Audience: about 20 Pre-show Ads: Mazda, Telus Trailers: Knowing, Pride & Glory, Fastest & Furiousest, … Continue reading

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Week 36: Hamlet 2

MPAA #: 44121 Showtime: 9:05 Admission: $10.99 Shotgun: Anthony Seat: Lower right Weather: warm (post-hurricane) Food: Dr. Pepper, M&Ms Dark Expectations: moderate Met?: exceeded Audience: about 12 Pre-show Ads: Mazda Trailers: Appaloosa, Burn After Reading Review: “My life is a … Continue reading

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