Week 46: Madagascar 2: Escape To Africa

MPAA#: 44773
Showtime: 9:25
Ticket price: 10.99
Seat: top middle
Shotgun: none
Attendance: 3
Weather: heavy rain and wind
Food: Quantum of Solace combo, which turns out to be a large popcorn and Coke, plus M&Ms
Expectations: low
Met?: exceeded
Pre-show ads: McDonald’s, Milk, Sobeys, Toyota, Telus
Trailers: Delgo, The Tale of Despereaux, Monsters Vs. Aliens


I never saw the first Madagascar movie, only a short that Dreamworks created featuring the penguins and “Nana”. I was impressed with it at the time and am even more impressed with the franchise now, as well as Dreamworks Animation. Between this film and Kung Fu Panda, they have run away with the crown for creating the best American feature animation of the year.

I think that a key to Dreamworks’ success lately has been simply the scope of their films. Pixar’s Wall-E started with the simple tale of a little robot who wanted a friend and wound up raising the stakes to the fate of the human race itself. Madagascar 2 is a relatively modest story of four zoo animals who are also trying to go home- to the New York City zoo- and wind up in a different home. This film has a smart, character-driven script and good looking animation, finally in the same ballpark as a Pixar production (although I preferred the style of Kung Fu Panda).

It’s not a perfect film, but Madagascar 2 has a lot of charm and laughs for both children and adults. I don’t know how well it is doing at the box office- my showing was not very well attended- but it would be a shame if people missed it.

These are good times for animation. Disney’s Bolt, which opens next week, looks like a nice change of pace for them. Pixar has a new film next year and Dreamworks has at least two: a sequel to Over The Hedge and a very promising looking piece of work called Monsters Vs. Aliens, which was featured in a trailer before tonight’s movie. As much as I enjoyed Madagascar 2, I found myself wishing that I was watching that instead.

Crowd reaction at end of movie: none.
Credit cookie?: no.
Opening next week: Twilight, Bolt, Special
Hoping for: Bolt, I guess.


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4 Responses to Week 46: Madagascar 2: Escape To Africa

  1. Jay says:

    Wow. Despite the weather, I am surprised you had only three in the theater.
    Has Jack seen it yet? Just wondering what he thought (would think) of it.

  2. Scott says:

    What is that damn music that plays during that Telus ad with the standing prairie dogs? KF Panda was one of the most entertaining films of the year. I was not impressed by the original Mad. film – just found the characters unappealing. So I probably wont be seeing this (that and other factors will contribute to my non viewing of films for a while). Glad it was a surprise for you though. Thanks for the sleeping book – I read the first 2 chapters last night and it put me to sleep.

  3. stephanie says:

    No interest in Twilight??

  4. Scott says:

    Hi Steph, no, no particular interest in Twilight. I started reading the first book recently and it is pretty atrocious, but then it is not exactly aimed at me. I am quite enjoying True Blood, which almost certainly is aimed at me.

    Jay, Madagascar was on 2 screens still, so some people probably went to the earlier show, and most of the intended audience probably went to matinees.

    Scott, I believe those animals are meerkats, and the music is Clint Mansell’s “Lux Aeterna”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjWHlKAsBNA

    Mare, it certainly was. 🙂

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